2014 - 2015 Tuition & Fees

Arkansas River Valley Montessori is a non-profit institution dependent upon tuition to pay teachers' salaries and operating expenses. The schedule of tuition is as follows:

Class Hours Annual Tuition
Primary Half Day (3yr olds only) 8:00am-12:30pm $4,900
Primary All Day 8:00am-2:45pm $5,755
Early Elementary 8:00am-3:00pm $5,755
Upper Elementary 8:00am-3:00pm $5,755
Adolescent Community 8:00am-3:00pm $5,930

For multiple students from the same family, a 5% sibling discount is applied.



Separate fees are applied to cover costs of materials, enrollment, and other specifics.
The schedule of fees is as follows:

Fee Amount Note
Application Fee $75.00 Non-refundable per new student
Re-enrollment Fee $50.00 Non-refundable per returning student
Facilities Improvement Fee $300.00 Non-refundable per family
Educational Materials Fee $210.00 Non-refundable per student
Montessori education differs from traditional education in many ways. Instead of working from textbooks, we use mainly materials designed to teach a specific skill. These materials are very well made and durable, and they are costly. Instead of buying or renting textbooks, we use this fee to supply and maintain the Montessori materials in the classroom.
Parent Membership Fee $70.00 Non-refundable per family
This fee covers the cost of Tomorrow’s Child Magazine, student yearbook, school handbook/ roster, 2 window decals and various other materials. If you have more than one child, please purchase additonal yearbooks. They are $8 each.
Supply Fee $160.00 Non-refundable per student
Each semester each student is provided with a list of supplies necessary for that semester. You may pay this fee one-time for the year or bring the supplies yourself each semester.
PE Fees $130.00 age 5 as of
Aug 1, 2013
$250 Elementary
$300 Adolescent
Per Student
Upper Elementary & Adolescent Community Book and Science Lab Fee $110.00 Per student
This fee goes directly to purchase consumable materials for science experiments, textbooks, etc.

Following Fees are Payable at August Check-in

Fee Amount Note
Faces of the Future Tickets (2) $70.00 This fee covers 2 tickets to the annual Faces of the Future Dinner and Silent Auction. These may be purchased now or as the event nears in the spring. Additonal tickets will be available for purchase at the time of the event.
Family Volunteer Hours (optional) $300.00 In some circumstances a family knows free time is limited and wants this fee included in Tuition charges. This fee may be added to the yearly tuition and payable by each of the 4 Payment Plans below, or you may volunteer at the school (minimum 10 hours each semester) in lieu of this fee.

• Note: Adolescent parents will possibly need to volunteer more hours depending on the AC projects each year. The volunteer hours fee does not cover the hours needed by AC parent volunteers.

Optional Programs

Fees related to optional programs are as follows:

Fee Amount Note
All Day Montessori (ADM) $12.00/day (3:00 - 5:30pm) $18.00/day on half days
(12 noon - 5:30pm)
$35/Full Day
(8 am - 5:30pm)
All Day Montessori is available M-F from 2:55-5:30pm and during the school year daily after classes are out and on days when the school is open but classes are not in session (Guide Work days, Professional Development days, Conference days, early dismissal for faculty meetings, etc).

On half days (early dismissal days), ADM is available from 12-5:30. The monthly fee covers all times childcare is offered when the school is open but classes are not in session
Hot Lunch Program Hot lunches are provided daily for all participating students. This is paid directly to the caterer.


Tuition Payment Plans

  • Plan 1 - A cash payment of the total tuition minus a 5% discount is paid on or before June 1.
  • Plan 2 - A cash payment of the total tuition to be paid on or before August 1.
  • Plan 3 - A first payment of 50% of the year’s tuition to be paid on or before August 1, and a final payment of the balance of the year’s tuition, to be paid on or before December 1. A late payment charge of 15% of the outstanding balance will be charged unless other arrangements are agreed upon in writing at least 30 days prior to the December 1, due date.
  • Plan 4 - 10 equal monthly payments, the first of which is due on August 1, with the remaining 9 payments by bank draft beginning September 5, ending May 5. All payments to be automatically debited from a bank account which the undersigned shall specify. A $10 charge will be added to each payment to cover administrative costs.

Note: A 5% sibling discount is applied to the lowest tuition.

Financial Obligation

It is understood that children are enrolled for the entire school year, or the portion remaining thereof, and the family is responsible for the entire tuition balance from the date of entry. If it should become necessary to withdraw your child from school, we require written notice thirty days in advance of the withdrawal date. Pro-rated, prepaid tuition may be refunded for children who move from the area during the school year, face extreme circumstances or illness, or who are withdrawn at the school's request. In all other cases, tuition is due until the child’s place has been filled by another child in that class. The family may be requested to meet with the Head of School before determining financial responsibility. Enrollment fees (application fee, facilities fee and materials fee) are not refundable in any case. Students of families who do not meet financial obligations may be required to leave the school. Transcripts will not be forwarded to another school until all obligations have been paid.