Primary Program

For the primary classroom, five distinct areas constitute the prepared environment.


Practical Life

Enhances the development of task organization and cognitive order through care of self, care of the environment, exercises of grace and courtesy, and coordination of physical movement.

Primary - Practical LifePrimary - Sensoral


Enables the child to order, classify and describe sensory impressions in relation to length, width, temperature, mass, color, etc.


Includes oral language development, written expression, reading, the study of grammar, creative dramatics and children’s literature. Basic skills in writing and reading are developed through the use of sandpaper letters. Alphabet cut-outs and various presentations allow children to link sounds and letter symbols effortlessly and express their thoughts through writing.



Makes use of manipulative materials to enable the child to internalize the concepts of number, symbol, sequence, operations and memorization of basic facts.


Exposes children to basics in geography, history and life sciences. Music, art and movement education are part of the integrated cultural curriculum.

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