Arkansas River Valley Montessori began enrolling students in the summer of 2003. Its birth began much earlier. Co-founders Pat Bowen and Somers Piazza were longtime Montessori teachers and co-workers. They shared a dream, over those years, of having their own school someday, in which they would dedicate themselves to following the original Montessori ideas as closely as possible. They wanted a school centered in Christian principles but welcoming of all students. They desired to build a place where students would discover a love of learning and develop successful life habits based on strong principles and values.

In the fall of 2003, the dream began to be fulfilled. With a strong core of support from interested parents, the school was able to open its doors for the first group of students, ranging from age three to eighth grade. The year began well and set the tone for the expectations of continued growth and expansion of the school.

Each year since has shown such growth. Enrollment has risen steadily, and faculty and staff continue to be added. The building facilities have been remodeled to meet the unique needs of a Montessori environment. The continued growth is done at a measured pace, with the ability to provide solid Montessori classrooms equipped with Montessori-trained guides being that measure.

The school has also expanded to meet the needs of the students and families by offering special sessions in addition to the standard school year. Summer academy offers ten weeks of classes for ages three to eight. Additionally, All Day Montessori serves as an after-school program available to students during both the regular school year and summer academy sessions.

Under the current direction of Head of School Somers Piazza and Academic Director Pat Bowen, Arkansas River Valley Montessori looks forward to continuing in growth and in offering a quality Montessori program for its students.

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