About Our School

What makes ARVM unique?

Our Mission

We educate students (age 3 through 9th grade) to be morally responsible, independent, self-motivated, lifelong learners in a thriving Montessori culture

The Prepared Environment

We immerse each student in a classroom filled with beautiful materials specific to Montessori which invite a child to discover math, language, cultural subjects, and the fine arts. The children work under the direction of a trained, Montessori-certified, degreed guide. Students are taught to be compassionate, considerate, and helpful to others rather than being in competition with them.

The Montessori Difference

  • Maria Montesori, scientist and physician, developed the Montessori method of education based on her observations that children free to show their own interests naturally seek accomplishment through work.
  • Today, the method is providing children the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills and learn how to interact with others productively.
  • Students experience a very stable relationship with a guide who comes to know them well during a three to four year plane of development in the child’s life.
  • Following their own natural curiosities, children enjoy the learning process so that they truly understand concepts; they do not just memorize information for a test.
  • Each classroom spans a 3-4 year developmental plane, so that younger students are motivated by the older ones’ work; the older ones solidify their own learning by helping younger students.

Our Plans for Growth

We are planning for growth in a number of areas. We will continue to build enrollment with more classes at the primary and elementary levels. This strong foundation will support classes for young adolescents (ages 12 to 15) and eventually older secondary students (ages 15 to 18). We continue to enrich the curriculum at each level according to our Montessori vision. Our plan calls for new space in the not too distant future.

Christian Orientation

We view the world through a Christian perspective and recognize God in the classroom in several ways. We have prayer before meals, and a Bible story may sometimes be read aloud. The Christian holidays as celebrated by ARVM include the Biblical background for the holidays. We are not associated with a particular denomination. Children of all faiths are welcome. We teach respect for all religious viewpoints.

Orff Music Program

The students are taught rhythm, melody, music appreciation, music theory, and other aspects of music with a hands-on Orff program. Group and individual playing are done on Orff tone bar instruments such as the xylophone and metallophones.

Adolescent program

Our adolescent program is led by a guide who is trained through the adolescent orientation sponsored by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

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