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Important Dates 2014

Please note: All dates are subject to change. Please check the Google calendar on our website at for the most recent updates. We will also notify you via email if we must reschedule or cancel an event.

Summer Academy

June 2nd - August 8th

Summer Academy at RVM is an opportunity of wonder and exploration. There will be in-depth fields of study that include astronomy, gardening, stitchery, bugs and much more! Our work period is relaxed yet structured, and includes both planned and self-directed activities. Learning doesn’t stop indoors—the children will enjoy educational, fun activities and lessons both inside and out.

For additional information and registration forms, please see the links below.

Math Academy

July 21st - July 31st

Class Times: 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Cost: $190
Ages: Entering first graders thru 12 years old

Led by Pat Bowen, Myra Stenhammar, and Somers Piazza.

Please see the brochure below, for more information.


AC Coffee House - 7:30 - 9:00am
All family and friends, EE students and UE students are invited

Join us for coffee, tea, breakfast sweets and savories for purchase in the Fine Arts room.

*The Coffee House business enterprise is operated exclusively by the Adolescent Community students (ages 12-15). The running of a business - from planning, purchasing the raw materials (food ingredients), producing the product, creating the space for people to gather, and then hosting the event is all real life work on an adult level and essential to students this age. Vonda Stepp, their Montessori guide, explains-

Adolescents have specific needs tied to their plane of development. One of the strongest of these needs is that their work be real, meaningful, and big. If the job is too small, it simply will not engage an adolescent. Students of this age are driven to choose tasks that are almost (or are) too big or hard for them to handle. They must test themselves and solve the problems of managing big work. The AC students, being of this age, are nearly fearless and yet do use their wits to gauge the maximum they can attempt and still have a hope of success. In addition to the job being large, it is vital that the task be real. ....taking on the real thing is a task that vitalizes the group. They KNOW they are doing a real task. It is equally important to the students that the real task be meaningful. The students know they are helping create the wonderful childhood and family memories that today's students will have for the rest of their lives. As such, they feel they are giving to the community with such as PNO and Coffee House. They are proud of their community service and are highly motivated to give back in this way. Read More >

It is not their primary focus, but they do make a net profit on the sales from the coffee house. This money is used to fund all expenses, including for their teacher and all chaperones, for their year-end trip. They have travelled to cities such as Houston, Chicago, and St. Louis.

Adding to their motivation to be successful in their efforts, each class leaves an amount of money in the class bank account for the next year’s class to use as start-up, including a community- building camping trip taken in the very early days of the new school year.



All Day Montessori

ADM available by reservation only (ADM reservation sign-up.)

ARVM holds a faculty meeting on the last available Friday of every month during the school year. All Day Montessori is available with a reservation.


To see a list of all event activities please see the calender under our News section.

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